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About Me

Joshua Rogers, hacker and security expert, bartender, from Melbourne

I’m Joshua Rogers. Originally from Melbourne, Australia. These days I live in Poland.

I currently work at Opera Software keeping it hanging by a thread, and trying to add more threads along the way. In reality, I’m doing all things security: DevSecOps, pentesting, security engineering, security architecture, incident response, security research, network security, and general consulstancy. You’d think I just wrote every field in the online security realm, but no, I truly have to do all of these things.

Moonlighting as a bartender in Kraków.

Some call me an all-rounder due to my ability to jump into nearly any situation and get the ball rolling immediately. I get things done when others don’t.

Some people see one part of a problem, I see the whole picture. Putting things into perspective of the whole world is paramount, and both the significance and insignificance of ourselves and surroundings is crucial to driving meaningful change.

I have 12+ years of security experience and have years of sysadmin experience (linux and freebsd). I have a BSc in Applied Mathematics and a BA in Cinema/Film studies.

My hobbies, interests, and general topics that I’m passionate about include:

  • Architecture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Film History
  • Human Rights
  • Mathematics
  • Music (Melodic House, Melodic Techno, House, Rap) (My Spotify)
  • Sport (Bicycle Riding, Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, Rowing)
  • Video Game History

New things excite me and I like putting myself into situations that require learning new skills, whether they’re technical, physical, or social, as it enables me to continually test and expand my knowledge.

I like presenting and discussing topics I’m interested in. I’ve also had the privilege of speaking as a domain expert at several conferences.

Since living in Poland, I’ve taught myself B2 Polish. Sometimes I can speak Russian from some learning I did years ago.

Currently, my primary focus revolves around the global alleviation of human suffering. I firmly believe that we can improve the human condition and reduce unnecessary suffering on a worldwide scale.

Looking for the best cyber security expert in the world? Well, look elsewhere! But if you’re looking for a detail-oriented, dedicated, and passionate person that will never give up, then you might have found one. I’m always open to offers on new projects, and if you think you’ve got something for me, you should contact me.