About Me

My name is Joshua Rogers. I am originally from Melbourne, Australia, but these days live in Krakow, Poland. As of writing this page, I am 24-years old.

I’m currently working at Opera Software as a Security Engineer on a ton of awesome projects (and with awesome people), and I’ve previously worked in the tourism and events industry.

I studied Applied Mathematics and Cinema/Film Studies at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, completing both a BSc and a BA with an overall GPA of 3.25. People always tell me that Mathematics and Film is a weird mix: but I think, in a way, they complement each other.

My main interests include (but are not limited to):

I’m an outgoing person and love to talk to people. I like presenting and discussing topics I’m interested in, too, because it gives me an opportunity to test my knowledge; that’s one of the best parts of working in the events’ industry, too – the social circles.

I like learning new things and usually put myself in situations which require learning new skills, whether they’re technical, physical, or social. If you think you have a project like that, you should contact me.

I’m working on my ability to speak Polish, and Russian. While I can understand Polish fairly well and can read most (non-technical!) documents in the language, being able to formulate sentences which are not simply word-for-word transliterations is difficult. Since I have Polish citizenship, I feel obliged to learn the language. Likewise, the Russian language has always fascinated me, and while I did take classes for a while, it has lagged behind my learning of Polish.